*IMPORTANT Notice: All music posted on our platform must be by the composers of the music or the account owner must have rights or permission to publish the music on our platform. All music posted on our platform must include the app id of the soundtrack or game that the music is being featured on Steam (display Steam widget). Any music posted on our platform that is not authorized by the original composers will not just be subject to removal from our platform, but the account holder may be subject to a ban of any further publications on our platform. Explicit, "adult" or sexual related content themes, soundtracks or games with explicit sexual content or extreme blood or gore is not allowed on our platform. We maintain the right to remove any content that we deem inappropriate. 

Media uploaded to our platform should always be owned by their respective account owners. If you dispute any music, sounds or soundtracks that is on our platform that is being streamed or published without your permission or you may own the rights to any media that is published on our platform against your wishes, please contact us directly with proof of ownership, copyrights or distribution rights and a request for removal of content. We will investigate the situation and have the material removed if we discover the content has been published without consent or rights.

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